Religious Tolerance Definition – Religious Head Coverings (Updated 2024)

What is Religious Tolerance?

The religious tolerance definition is a very delicate concept for the Western world. This is because, as you know, religion in the west has many different forms. And while Islam and Christianity are two of the more dominant religions in the West, there are others as well.

Thus, it is easy to see why it is so difficult for someone to hold up a religious tolerance standard with any consistency.

A religious tolerance definition should take into consideration every aspect of religious practice in a society and the religious beliefs held by people in a given time period. It should also be based on an examination of what religion-based beliefs are not being practiced in a society today, or if a religious practice is being diluted in favor of other religions.

It can be said that religious intolerance is the most dangerous form of intolerance because this form of intolerance includes attempts to ban certain religions from society, and attempts to exclude certain people from practicing their religion.

For instance, a religion that is widely accepted in the world would have no problem having its head coverings covered during the Holy Communion ceremony. This includes Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists. These faiths are practiced in every country in the world.


Religious Tolerance


However, in the case of intolerance, it is quite common to see people at the front of a public gathering wearing their head coverings covering their face or veil, with a big cross hanging around their neck. Of course, the cross is being used as a symbol of Christianity; however, the reason to wear such a cross is simply to make sure no one can get near the person wearing the cross.

This form of intolerance is nothing new; yet, there are those who are quite proud to be wearing a cross around their neck. They often use it as a decoration on their clothing and even their hair, as it is a very stylish symbol.

Religious tolerance can only exist if everyone is allowed to practice his or her own religion without others interfering. Unfortunately, this is not the case in today’s society where one religion dominates or has been forced to dominate other religions. The result of this is religious intolerance as a result of which one religious group feels threatened by another.



Religious intolerance has come about due to the fact that in some cases women’s head coverings were banned for women who wear hijabs (head coverings for Muslim women). In such cases, women have been prevented from dressing modestly and wearing hijabs.

The Consequence of Religious Intolerance

As a consequence of religious intolerance the rights of others have been abused and in many instances have even been taken away. It is not enough to tolerate the views of others. One must be intolerant of their views as well. There is a fine line between tolerating someone and being intolerant.

For example, if someone were to say that it is unacceptable to live under a Muslim law that prohibits females from wearing hijabs then the individual would be accused of being intolerant of Muslims and Islam. This is obviously not the case, but the individual is not tolerant of all Muslims and Islam as a whole. Therefore, he/she is intolerant of the beliefs and practices of Muslims and Islam as a whole.

To get a clear understanding of religious intolerance, one needs to know why people want to ban women from wearing head coverings. The answer to this is the fact that head coverings are seen to be the clothing of the lower classes; therefore, they believe that women should not wear them.

There are conservative societies that believe women wearing head coverings should not be allowed to attend a school, university, or college because these schools are the only places where women can learn about their religion and receive education.

Furthermore, most conservative groups would not allow a woman wearing hijabs to attend office, school, or university because they do not believe that such things are necessary. Thus, it is easy to see how they would feel threatened by women who wear head coverings. They feel threatened by women who are able to participate fully in society’s institutions.



It is therefore important to define religious intolerance. Religious intolerance is when someone feels threatened by someone else’s religion or beliefs. This is done as a way to exclude others and control the way of others, especially in the social and political arenas. Thus, religious intolerance is very dangerous and it should be given the same consideration as all other forms of intolerance. Religious intolerance must never become a normal part of our society, or we are all going to suffer for it.

Religious tolerance is an important element in a civilized society, because we all have rights to be who we are. We also have to accept the other cultures and traditions that exist in the society we live in.

For instance, some communities may not allow their members to wear head coverings during prayer, so this type of intolerance must be given proper consideration. The same way, in other communities they are allowed to wear head coverings during the Holy Communion ceremony, but there are no other reasons why.

Religious intolerance can also occur when people try to force others to follow their religious beliefs, but fail to do so themselves. In other words, they cannot practice their own beliefs, but they will try to force others to do it. Many people say, “I don’t believe in God”, but if others try to force them to wear head coverings and other religious paraphernalia, they are being intolerant. This form of intolerance is unacceptable.

Religious intolerance can cause many problems in society, and that is why it is very important to make sure everyone practices religious tolerance. Religious intolerance should be called out and removed, or you are allowing people to go against the grain.

Religious intolerance is very dangerous; however, it is not the only reason why it is not acceptable. If you choose to be intolerant of others because of their beliefs, then you may have a hard time understanding those of other religions who are trying to reach out to you in the workplace.

According to a religious tolerance definition, religious head coverings are only a requirement for women when they are going out of their homes for work or studies. A female employer does not need to ask a female employee to remove her hijab or veil. If the employer finds it objectionable, she can deny her employment.

The problem arises when a man, also wearing a hijab or veil, goes to a workplace that is frequented by other men who are not Muslim. It could be that in the past, women have not felt comfortable wearing such head coverings in such circumstances. But, today, many women feel very proud to wear head covers.

That is why it has become a source of irritation when religious intolerance creeps into the workplace and limits the freedom of women. A religious intolerance definition would suggest that a woman should feel free to wear a hijab or veil if she feels offended by another woman’s appearance.

Religious intolerance could take the form of other kinds of discrimination like asking a woman to remove her veil or hijab or not allowing her to attend an office where the hijab or veil is mandatory.

Religious intolerance could take the form of making comments such as; “If a man is wearing a scarf, then she cannot either”I don’t want to see a woman wearing a scarf around her neck.”

Religious intolerance could take the form of telling women that their religion is wrong, or that their beliefs are not valid. Some employers may also make derogatory remarks about her religion. Religious intolerance could also lead to physical threats by employees at workplaces and thus, there is a need to define religious intolerance in order to defend religious freedom.

In the past, intolerant people did not hesitate to kill those who they disagree with as well as to use violence as a way to exclude others from their society. This is why religious intolerance has always been an issue throughout the history of mankind.

The reason why people do not allow others to have freedom of speech is because they feel threatened by what they perceive as the ideas of other people. They feel threatened by other people’s ideas on how they live, what they believe, or how they treat others.


This is why people should not force women to wear head coverings. It is for the same reasons that they should not tell women that they cannot be a doctor or a teacher or that they cannot hold a government position.

These are all examples of intolerance and some of the most important reasons for not allowing women to wear head coverings.

Religions have different views on issues and there is no way that all religions can agree on all issues. Therefore, it is important for everyone to respect each other’s opinions and beliefs.

Intolerance is not a good thing, and it is an issue that will never be eliminated. We must always be intolerant of others if we want to continue to live in peace in our society.


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