The response to our Tell Bill Maher About a Mohammed campaign has been nothing short of amazing.  So far it has generated a lot of buzz across social media and the blogosphere.  It has been reposted and/or linked to on sites such asLoonWatchChasing EvilStill Small VoiceTikkunAhmadiyya TimesNonprophet Status, and Me Peace.  It has also been the subject of numerous tweets and Facebook posts.

However, Bill Maher doesn’t seem to get it.  In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, he defended his comments, saying that “I don’t have to apologize for being a proud Westerner, and when I say a Westerner I mean someone who believes in the values that Western people believe in that a lot of the Muslim world does not.”  See the video embedded below.

Bill, we aren’t asking you to apologize, but we do want you to realize that there are millions of Muslims living in the West, who want nothing more than the very values you have outlined.  In fact, for many of them or their ancestors who came, it was these very values that brought them to America, or other Western nations.

Please join me in continuing our campaign to Tell Bill Maher About a Mohammed.  Remember, rather than sending stories of Mohammeds you know who are good people, tell him stories of Mohammeds who are supporters of women’s rights, advocates for democracy, and maybe have an addiction to apple pie.   You can send your email HERE.

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